To keep TEN strong and the networking between our members focused, we have two qualifications that all potential members must meet before they can join. If you fit both of these criteria, please sign up via the form on this page. If you are a student or an alum who does not yet quality, we hope to see you at a future event once you reach the qualifications.

Qualifications for TEN Membership:

1. Degree HoldingĀ Alumni of USC
If you have an undergraduate degree from any school at USC, you may join TEN two years after your graduation. Or, if you have a graduate degree from any school at USC, you may join TEN upon your graduation.

2. Currently Working in Entertainment
TEN brings together all entertainment media: Film, Television, Music, Video Games, Sports, Theater and Digital. If you are currently working in these fields in either a creative or business capacity, you may join TEN.

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